Marcel Boyer

Ph.D., O.C., C.Q., FRSC, Emeritus Professor of economics
Université de Montréal

Professor Boyer is a Member of the Scientific Committee of the Chairs in “Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investment” of AFG (Paris) and a former Member of the Board of Directors of the National Bureau of Economic Research (New York), of the National Statistics Council of Canada, of the Board of the Agency for Public-Private Partnerships of Québec. He currently conducts research in the areas of investment valuation (risk, flexibility, and real options), public policies (water markets; capitalism and social-democracy), inequalities, and law and economics (cartels, anti-competitive practices, environmental protection and liability, intellectual property rights). He acted as expert economist on behalf of several national and international public and private corporations and organisations, and has testified as expert witness before various organizations and tribunals: arbitration tribunals, Copyright Board, Energy Board, Superior court of Québec (civil and criminal chambers), Court of Queen’s Bench of Saskatchewan, Superior Court of Ontario, Supreme Court of British Columbia.